YOUR car

But kindred blood binds tighter: What is the machine of however prominent a driver compared to the petrol in your blood that binds you to your own vehicle? I paint YOUR car. Exclusively for you.

Of course it is my most important concern to create with the painting of your rally car, racing car, your classic car or everyday car an enduring memory for you. After consultaion and on the basis of a photo of your dream car, a painting based on the character of the car is arising in my studio. Painted in watercolour, graphite or coloured pencil: On your request I will even try new techniques. Something new for you. Unique pieces. Paintings, that are exclusively made for you, so that even your motorised companion fits into your living room.

Contact me. Prices on request. Available formats below.


DIN A5 (148×210 mm)

DIN A4 (210×297 mm)

DIN A3 (297×420 mm)

Bigger DIN A3-Format: 340×480 mm

More formats just on request

You have not yet realised the dream of your most favorite car or are you someone who has so many cars in your heart that only a fraction of them can become reality? Or are you a fan of a legendary driver that you would like to have in your home? Or maybe you are one of the many enthusiasts from the time of the legendary Group B and want to refresh your memories of that time? Then take a look at my gallery for my current paintings and see my offers for them under „Paintings“:

YOUR car
Hugh Anderson in 1964 on Sachsen-Ring with his Motorbike

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