My paintings are created by different paint techniques. Whether watercolour, with watercolour graphit pencil or even just coloured pencil: They are all the tools to create a work that should reflect your true rally feelings with high revs in the red zone, mighty swirls of dust and prominent riders. The painting connects painter and client: The thirst after authentic rally feeling, full effort and great victories in real drift culture.

Or an everyday car? An milestones in the car’s history? A classic car? Or one of the newest cars? This cars you can find at me as well. It can be a simple sports car or a completely unsporty, but in its way powerful truck. I have fun painting any kind of vehicles and display my current paintings under „Gallery“.

The paintings are created with different painting techniques. You can find them here. On your request I will also try new things!

Painting techniques:

  • Watercolour
  • Graphit pencil
  • Watercolour graphit pencil
  • Coloured pencil

Soon available!:

Soon you can buy the paintings on canvas (up to 60×80 cm, after consultation up to 120×160 cm) as well as depending on the painting as a handmade copy (depends on the picture format (DIN A5, DIN A4, DIN A3)). 

For exact dimensions please click on the button below

You have not found your dream car? Then look further under „Orders“. After consultation and with the submission of photos, I will paint your car true to the original.

Audi Quattro A1